Genevieve Gaudet

Hi, I'm


I'm a civic service designer.


I work with the talented team at Nava PBC to build a more equitable social safety net for the American people. I've helped transform critical NYC services  and laid the groundwork for tech to help our most vulnerable neighbors. I've coached civil servants to add design to their toolboxes and built teams dedicated to putting their skills into service. 

I am deeply indebted to the brave people who have worked to make our communities more just, dignified places to live and I measure myself by how well my work honors theirs. 


My words

On Civic Tech

Better Foundations, Not Better Facades, 2018 Code for America Summit
Don't disrupt; contribute,  Nava PBC
Technologies in the Public Realm, 2017 APA NY Annual Conference
Civic & Government Tech, Women in Product NYC Meetup
Building a Healthy Internet Ecosystem in NYC, NYC School of Data 2017
Growing Civic Tech in NYC, NYC BigApps 2017

On people-Centered Social Services

Exploring Social Service Patterns, 2018 International Design in Government Conference
People-Centered Benefits Eligibility, 2017 Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference
Simplifying the social safety net, via Nava PBC



Let's chat.

I'm currently interested in opportunities to contribute to new civic efforts
and am open to speaking and writing about service design, the civic tech industry, 
and the critical need for more humane, equitable technology.